"Learn about Dolby Atmos 3D space object planning in Avid Pro Tools with sound designers
Wylie Stateman and Harry Cohen at the Avid Booth."

Avid Channel. "Avid At NAB Show 2017| Dolby Atmos and Pro", 2017/04/26 (35-second youtube video)

"The perfect explosion is not the biggest bang.
It's what comes before it and what come after it."

The Hollywood Reporter's Live from Facebook. "Meet your Oscar nominee Wylie Stateman, up for Best Sound Editing for Deepwater Horizon", 2017/02 (19-minute live facebook video)

"The veteran sound editor and his team were tasked with taking a
'roughly 1/3 sized replica built in the Gulf of Mexico'
and making it appear as if it were '45-miles out to sea with operating equipment

GoldDerby, "Deepwater Horizon sound editor Wylie Stateman dishes 8th Oscar nomination”,  2017/02/14 (12-minute video/article)

“We always play on the emotions of the scene. That’s what all of the creature sounds are for;
 they appeal to the ancient part of your brain.”

Mixonline“Harry Cohen on “Deepwater Horizon”,  2017/02/01 (article)
" MPSE will honor supervising sound editor/sound designer Harry Cohen,
with its 2017 MPSE Career Achievement Award. An 18-time MPSE Golden Reel Award nominee, Cohen has contributed to more than 150 movies and television shows.”
Postmagazine. “MPSE to honor sound designer/editor Harry Cohen”, 2016/12/13 (article)

"Wylie Stateman is a gem. It's as simple as that."
Matthew Toffolo's Summary: Daily summary of the life/movie world. "Interview with Supervising Sound Editor Wylie Stateman", 2016/11/05 (article)

"Sound effects really give the audience the sense that they're in this reality
trapped or emotionally swept away with the story."

Big Picture Big Sound. "Deepwater Horizon Sound Designer says IMAX gives the film more sonic and visual impact", 2016/10/03 (3-minute video/article)

"As a team we strived to maximize the advantages of an Atmos theater,
which allows us to keep a film mentally, physically and sonically intense.
That was the filmmaker's primary goal."

Randi Altman's postPerspective. "Deepwater Horizon's immersive mix via Twenty Four Seven Sound." Jennifer Walden. 2016/10/03 (article)

"The sound design team sought to draw the audience into the story by creating a hold your breath tension-ing, a feeling of documentary like immersion giving the viewer the sense that he or she is invested in the life of those in offshore oil exploration."
Wochit Entertainment. "Sound Designer Talks Deepwater Horizon", 2016/09/30 (1-minute youtube video)

"Audio is very mysterious- a force that is just truly present in the moment.
It's just a vibration in the room.
It's something that audiences experience, but can't see and can't touch."

Randy Altman's postPerspective. "Wylie Stateman talks sound editing on The Hateful Eight", Jennifer Walden, 2016/01/26 (article)

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