Feature film (more at imdb)

Relevant press:

Deepwater Horizon Sound Designer Says IMAX Gives the Film More Sonic and Visual Impact, BigPictureBigSound.com, October 4, 2016
Deepwater Horizon’s immersive mix via Twenty Four Seven Sound,
PostPerspective.com, October 3, 2016
Review: In 'Deepwater Horizon,' Oil, Fire and Greed, NewYorkTimes.com, September 29, 2016

Team credits:

Wylie Stateman, sound designer and supervising sound editor
Harry Cohen, sound effe
cts designer
Hector Gika, sound effects editor
Sylvain Lasseur, sound effects designer, immersive versions
Jackie Zhou, assistant sound designer, immersive versions
Eric Hoehn, re-recording mixer, immersive versions
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