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sonic storytellers
driven to explore, dedicated to excellence
once upon a time in hollywood
release july 2019
wylie stateman
sound designer, creative partner
wine country
release may 2019
untitled sia project
release 2019
lisa morris stateman
managing partner
fantastic fungi
release 2019
harry cohen
sound designer, mpse career achievement recipient
eric hoehn
re-recording mixer, sound designer
emmys 2018
nominated best sound editing limited series - Godless
leo marcil
sound editor, sound effects designer
life itself
release september 2018
Budweiser "Light up the FIFA World Cup"
released june 2018
sylvain lasseur
sound designer, kyma specialist
hotel artemis
released june 2018
zach goheen
sound recordist, sound effects designer
paola magrans
sound editor
into the now
released april 2018
carol thomas
general manager
mpse golden reels 2018
winner - outstanding achievement sound editing - godless
audi "parking lot"
released november 2017
christina straussburg
property manager
released november 2017
budding prospects
released march 2017
NAB 2017
April 24-27, Avid booth #SU902
oscars 2017
nominated best sound editing - Deepwater Horizon
bafta 2017
nominated best sound - Deepwater Horizon
amps 2017
nominated - Deepwater Horizon
mpse golden reels 2017
harry cohen to be honored, deepwater horizon nominated best sound effects/foley
deepwater horizon
released september 2016
released september 2016
who gets the dog
released september 2016
bunker 77
released september 2016
released july 2016
released may 2016
meet the blacks
released april 2016
the hateful eight
released december 2015
released november 2015
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our greatest hope
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organic creativity
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